Hamsexy Net Tonight

\Here are the chekins

W3POG Peter
KC0RBC Hambone
VE6PWT Robert
K5THX Matt

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6 Responses to Hamsexy Net Tonight

  1. mattthepm says:

    Sorry I wasn’t available this evening to simulcast the net on WARP Radio Network. Had a fire run to go to. . . See ya next week.

  2. JohnnyGalaga says:

    What frequency is the net on ?

  3. ku4my says:

    Every Wed. at 0100Z (2100ET, 1800PT)
    IRLP: Ref. 9008
    Echolink: *VAN-IRLP*

  4. JohnnyGalaga says:

    Which frequency is the HF net on ?

  5. JohnnyGalaga says:


  6. KD8CPP says:

    – HF NET –
    Has been permanently canceled.

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