Great net tonight!!

Our one month anniversary net went great!! 28 checkins – a record!

We had a very special check-in – 10 year old Nicholas KC0URM, son of Shane W0NKA on his very first net check-in since getting his license a few weeks ago. Welcome to the hobby, Nick!!!! Here are the checkins – and I’m sorry if I was a little scatterbrained tonight….. kind of a strange day.

VE3HBD Toronto, Ontario (Net Control)
VE3LT Niagara Falls, Ontario
KB6JEN Phoenix, Arizona
W0NKA Fairbault, Minnesota
KC0URM Faurbault, Minnesota
VE3HYP Toronto, Ontario
VE4UP Winnipeg, Manitoba
VE3NSV Kitchener, Ontario
VA3MXY Thornhill, Ontario
VE1VAC Halifax, Nova Scotia
W7DBZ Las Vegas, Nevada
K8TEK Ottawa, Ohio
VA3VKK Ottawa, Ontario
VA3BC Ottawa, Ontario
WY0X Centennial, Colorado
VA3ISP Ottawa, Otnario
VE3XLS Toronto, Ontario
VE1MGA Oldham (!!), Nova Scotia
N0PQK Fairbault, Minnesota
K9JAC Huberti, Wisconsin
VE3GRU Kanata, Ontario
VE3LTD Vancouver, British Columbia
VA3MOE Ottawa, Ontairo
VE7BBD Vancouver, British Columbia
VA3BU Brampton, Ontario
N0RGQ Fairbault, Minnesota
KG9GP New Berlin, Wisconsin
W9ORN Hubertis, Wisconsin
K8MHZ Muskegon, Michigan

Thanks to everyone who checked in!! See you all next week!

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1 Response to Great net tonight!!

  1. ve7ltd says:

    Somehow you managed to get my callsign wrong in the checkin list two weeks in a row… I guess I am not important anymore 🙁 (snif) Who is this mysterious VE3LTD from Vancouver, or the VA7LTD?

    For such a gross violation of my rights, I should connect my node to your net with pulsebacks, IDs, and someone going “breaker” every over. And then change the passwords so you cant lock me out…

    You can always verify my call info on!

    Click Me — VE7LTD — Click Me

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