Hamsexy net 12-06-06

Hamsexy NetAnother net has come and gone. Check-ins included:

KD8CPP Tyler
VE6PWT Robert
K6PFC Paul
KC9ECI tom

Drop by next week, when I will do net control for the fourth week in a row! And James K2JSV will be doing it on the 20th.

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8 Responses to Hamsexy net 12-06-06

  1. K8TEK says:

    If you do net control, I will not check in… Plain and simple. I am boycotting every net controled by you for your childish behavior and name calling.

    The hamsexy net was formed and considered the “asshole” of amateur radio. You, however have managed to run this net into the ground by talking about the same things every other ham radio net discusses…

    Notice how the “superstation” has not checked in for months? Perhaps this is because all you can think of to discuss is food, weather and halth problems. Several people have came up with ideas for themes for the net, but you brush them off in favor of more “traditional” themes. Again, turning this net into every other net. Boring and unfufilling.

    Perhaps talk about your favorite webpage, other hobbies besides ham radio, the worst prank you ever paid or the last job you got fired from and why. Instead, I am sure the more traditional “is it cloudy there, Joe” theme will be discussion for tonight

    Take care,

    Timothy E. Kramer

  2. mattthepm says:

    The ‘Net won’t be simulcast on WARP tonight. My audio console was victim of a Diet Coke spill a couple of weeks ago and hasn’t been the same since. So, I am taking the sucker apart to see if there are any fried components.

    Tim, is it cloudy there (HI) ?

    -M, KE4NOY

  3. k2jsv says:

    PSSSSTTT. Joe… I have December 20th. Unless you have your heart set on that one too.

  4. KB5JRR says:

    Big loss, Tim.

  5. X9F says:

    Essentially, what Tim has said is true.

    Joe is the definition of hamsexy. He’s a weird looking mofo who lives in his parents basement. He’s most likely a virgin and does not enjoy sex, drinking or making fun of extra class snobs. (Oh wait, he is one)

    The only reason Joe is doing net control is because no one else has been willing to do so lately. No one cares anymore. Hamsexy has become just another gay commercialized agenda with “reputation” in mind. No offense to Bryan or Seth. It’s just that we keep forgetting hamsexy is a state-of-being, not a club or institution.

    Joe can go eat some balls. I know I haven’t tuned in for quite some time. He is one of the reasons…

  6. K8TEK says:

    What is your real callsign? X9F is not a legitimate callsign!

  7. X9F says:

    K8MHZ..oh I mean K8TEK:

    I can assure you sir, that X9F is a legitimate radio callsign. However, it is not affiliated with the hammy service. The last time my callsign was used, we received the go-ahead to enter an area secured by guys bearing automatic weapons with big grins on their faces.

    Hammy I am not! Fucked, yes I am!

  8. n3jfw says:

    maybe assfucked

    queer ass bitch monkey, give me damn crack pipe back faggot

    btw-I would get down on the extras if I were you….aren’t you one? or the equiv where you are?

    ballcock wannabe cockmonkey

    damn, I just slipped into asshole mode. I need a new job.

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