Hamsexy in Poland

Adam F4DDP sent us some photos of a recent ham radio gathering near Warsaw, Poland.

Group shot!

The pride of Poland – Polish Sausages!!

Adam F4DDP (with XTS3000) and friend examine the scene

The only thing better than Polish sausage – Polish women!

To the rescue… Shoulder Radio Man!!

Drunk ham randomly kissing people. The looks of the men behind him are priceless…. disgust…. or… envy?

Now THAT’S a radio!

Thanks to Adam F4DDP for the photos and the translations. Adam is currently working on launching Poland’s first digital ham radio repeater – tune into the Hamsexy Forums for more information.

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2 Responses to Hamsexy in Poland

  1. VA3XL says:

    That is a very nice homebrew HF amplifier.
    It’s nice to see the XYLs out to the sausagefest.
    I can’t see drunken random ham kissing catching on in North America.

  2. kitn1mcc says:

    yeah need the booze. looks to damn cold there. at least the cold can keep the stink down

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