The Return of the Red Porcupine!!

Hello Friends…

Sorry for the lack of posts… I am in the midst of training and other job-related nonsense here in the Republic of China (Also known as Chinese Taipei…. also known as Ilha Formosa…. also known as Taiwan….) I will try to update this site as much as I can…

Our submissions have been severely backed up, and I apologize to all who have sent them in but haven’t been posted on the site. It’s my fault, and I’ll submit to your slings and arrows. Anyhow, we got a submission a little while ago from Brad KC0CDG – this car is not new to us, it’s an old favourite to those who have been reading out site for a while… But it’s still great to see old favourites popping up every so often. It looks like the Red Porcupine has sprouted a few extra quills since our last encounter, but it still has it’s trademark FLIR-inspired spotlight on the roof. Brad fills us in:

These photos were taken last Saturday at the hamfest in Collinsville, IL. We’ve seen this car around at different St. Louis area hamfests in the past and finally got some photos of it. You should see the interior! All told, I think we counted 25 antennas. Definitely Hamsexy!

Thanks for the submission Brad!! 10 Taiwanese hookers are on their way to your place.

Porcupine 1



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14 Responses to The Return of the Red Porcupine!!

  1. ve3nsv says:

    You mean the State Police actually let pieces of shit like that roll down their highways? What an absolute pile of shit.

  2. JohnnyGalaga says:

    I use Firefox. Is there any way to make the enlarged images scrollable after I click on them?

  3. k2thz says:

    I bet the only thing shiny on that car is the alternator, ‘cuz he changes it every 1000 miles. Unless, of course, those radios aren’t even hooked to anything or functional.

  4. Administrator says:


    Sorry about that…. For some reason the code I used to make the original pop-up had the scrollbars set to no… I changed it….

  5. kc0jar says:

    Is that thing still considered ‘compact’ with all that ugly shit hanging off of it? I will never get over the fact that people can spend more on radios and antennas than they do for the car they all go in.

  6. w4coj says:

    WTF “over”
    I bet he has a backpack radio and 5 ht’s on his vest to go with the car.
    Damit Man!!!!!!!!!

  7. JohnnyGalaga says:

    Thanks! A lot of photos in the past have had the same thing happen.

  8. johnvassel says:

    I bet that thing whistles going down the road..
    Wonder how many pigeons he’s acquired with the whips…

  9. CGIWN2 says:

    Someone outta “hamsexy” out that MFJ truck….

    Truck on CinderBlocks.. “MFJSexy”

  10. n0xmz says:

    It’s people like this that give us hams a bad name. Even still, it’s a very sexy photo. I might have a little more respect for him if those antennas are actually connected to working radios. Especially if he can get them all to load up properly!

  11. grinthock says:

    That’s just stupid, he’s killing the efficiecy of every radio, it looks stupid, it makes us look stupid…

  12. rushfan says:

    The sign says parking for compact cars….That thing isn’t an compact car. Just love the coax comming out of the side doors. Just think of the water that will enter the car through that door.

  13. rushfan says:

    Sorry, I too love the Missippi’s Finest Junk (MFJ) truck in the background. That tooo is very hamsexy.

  14. Lenny says:

    An extreme example to say the least.

    But at least he is one of the best at something……Hamsexyness!

    Hey. We got scrollbars. Thanks.


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