You be the judge….

Hamsexy or not Hamsexy? This thread appeared on elightbars recently:

Since many of you enjoy picking on us amber light guys, I thought I’d take some photos of my van as it currently is.

The rear upper and lower lights are TIR3’s. The uppers are mounted to the luggage rack with home made brackets. The lower ones are on a Havis Shields C-TIR-UNV bracket. The middle pair are Sho-Me Dual Hyper-Brites in Amber/Amber. They are attached to the headliner and mainly intended for use when the back door is raised as with it up, both sets of the other lights will be out of sight.

The front lights are TIR3’s on top using the same type of home made bracket as on the rear. The inside lights are Sho-Me TRIO’s mounted to the windshield.

The front lights are on one switch, the rear outer on another and the rear inner on the third. All three sets are powered by Sho-Me 11.1005SF flashers set in random flash mode.

In the near future I plan on replacing the rear upper lights with TIR6’s. Also, I’m going to see if I can’t attach a pair of Sho-Me Amber/Amber Slim-Lights to the rear seat headrest posts. If I can, i’ll remover the Hyper-Brites which I bump into now and then if I’m not thinking.

(photos can be found here)

What do you guys think.. whacker or acceptable?

I took the liberty of animating his front view for full effect. Enjoy

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12 Responses to You be the judge….

  1. gibbonboy says:

    Not Hamsexy, but really, really wackerish. Nice lights, though.

  2. rabidjade says:

    So…whats the point of having the lights? Whackerish by far.

  3. illini52 says:

    Really wack-tacular. What’s the deal with having lights on a soccer mom van?

  4. ve7ltd says:

    The fact that the guy considers himself a whacker makes this much less wack-tacular. The title of his post on elightbars is “Latest photos of my “Whacker” mobile!”. I think the most wack-tacular are the ones who put all this stuff on their baby-wagons and think that its normal….

  5. X says:

    The guy is a whacker unfortunately. He has no need for the lights, other than to be a cop-wannabe. What a fag.

  6. kc0jar says:

    Whacktastic, but I agree with ve7ltd, much less whacker when he actually considers himself a whatcker. My explorer is whacked out slicktop style too, and whenever anyone asks what they are for, I just tell them I’m a whacker. Nice install though, He would have been more whacker if he had a fullsize lightbar or a magnetic mount mini lightbar with the cord running through the door.

  7. kitn1mcc says:

    Not that bad for a Mini van . stil i think my truck is more whacked out

  8. zero_land_oddities says:

    I don’t get it. What’s with the front-facing ambers???

    If you have a tow truck, work on a highway, do road construction, pick up hub caps, or deliver mail on a rural route in your own car, then having amber lights makes sense – if they are facing the rear to alert people you stop frequently and are a road hazard. Having amber lights that face forward are CONFUSING to motorists, especially when some jerk*ff uses a siren with it. You’ll create more accidents than you’ll prevent! NFPA-1901 corroborates that. If I wrote the laws, only utilities and road construction should have front-facing ambers and that they should only be used while stationary.

    Read this book by Dr. Stephen S. Solomon: Emergency Vehicle Accidents: Prevention, Reconstruction and Survey of State Law. He talks about human expectations for emergency vehicles and how people respond to light colors.

    Other than that, it looks like a reasonable install if it had a purpose other than whacking.

  9. vk2qq says:

    Downunder, the word ‘whacker’ is not in common use, we are more basic than that. To us, he’s just a wanker. It goes a long way to explaining why the van is rocking.

    This picture would also warrant the caption “Only in the USA – Thank God”.

  10. SixMeterSexy says:

    He gets extra Whacker points for the GMRS. Note his glee at having a GMRS repeater in town.

    GMRS… Ham radio for folks who can’t even pass the Tech test. ‘Ya think he paid the $75?

  11. dan37643 says:

    I will give the guy credit for having skillz to install those and make all that work and (ghasp) actually work and look good, but come on, are you seriously going to use that grocery getter for a tow truck or were you doing highway maintance?

  12. n4ems says:

    OK, its wackerish but I have seen worse. Hell, I have owned worse!!! As long as it is for a legitimate purpose, I don’t have a problem with it. I started out as a wacker/wannabe and went to school, applied myself and did it for the right reasons, not because I wanted to look “cool”. Although my ’89 Caprice with it’s light bar and all the other blinking little gizmo’s did look “cool”. Oh well, that was a long time ago and now I get to drive the real-deal. Although my “wacker mobile” is a red and white Freightliner with a cot in the back and a sireeeen (notice the Florida speak). Its such a babe magnet. (LMAO!!!)

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